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  BUY THE RECORDING OF: Women TIES Zoom Event "Envisioning Our Own Positive Business Year" Sponsored by Smart Business Solutions
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Women TIES creates, hosts, sponsors and supports a variety of local, regional and state-wide entrepreneurial events. The website is updated frequently with important strategic networking and educational programs. You'll find event details, speaker profiles and registration information. Bookmark this page, so you can visit it easily to learn more about valuable entrepreneurial events to help you grow your business. Women TIES believes attending our strategic sales, networking and educational events is a valuable investment in your business.


BUY THE RECORDING OF: Women TIES Zoom Event "Envisioning Our Own Positive Business Year" Sponsored by Smart Business Solutions

Marion Andrews Featuring:
Marion Andrews
Gloriously Grateful

Monday, January 24, 2022
1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Online In Your Office or Home

Reservations due:  January 24

$32.00  (Member Rate)
$35.00  (Non-Member Rate)

BUY THE RECORDING OF THE VISION BOARD CREATION EVENT by registering and paying the fee. You'll receive an email with a link to the YOUTUBE video for viewing.


It doesn't take much wisdom to realize the past 18 months have not been the most positive business time for women entrepreneurs. With the Covid-19 Pandemic continuing just when we thought it was behind us, continues to produce negative images, anxiety, and trepidation for the business year ahead. What's the best way to change our current vision into a more positive one?

With the help of Marion Andrews, an entrepreneur, writer, healer, teacher, and unshakable optimist, attendees will learn how to create and use their own vision board to help gain self-awareness and self-reflection on what a positive future could look like for them. Imagining a positive 2022, is a helpful way to increase confident emotions and optimism which in turn creates more opportunities and increases chances for success.

At the first Women TIES program of 2022, "Envisioning Our Own Positive Business Year," Marion will lead women entrepreneurs and females in business through a meditation, steps, and materials to create a vision board. The finished board can be displayed in your office or home, guiding you toward an authentic life. A list of materials to assemble and prepare will be sent to you prior to the workshop.

We can't wait to shine the light in YOUR life with this first program of the New Year and help make 2022 a more productive and pleasing year for you.

Women entrepreneurs also receive a sales contact list of attendees for networking, and a chance to promote their businesses at the start of the event.

This event is sponsored by Smart Business Solutions, a management consulting and business coaching company. They work with organizations to refine processes, increase profitability, and achieve organizational goals. By tailoring their services to meet the specific needs of each organization they are able to create measurable results for their clients. Learn more about them at: https://www.smartbusinesssolutionsus.com and at the event.

About the Presenter

An entrepreneur, writer, healer, teacher, and unshakable optimist, Marion Andrews is dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

Following her initial diagnosis with Stage 3B colon cancer, she underwent the recommended chemotherapy, only to repeat the whole scene the following year with the new designation of Stage 4, and then AGAIN, the year after that! In her bestselling book, Gloriously Grateful, Marion chronicles this journey with humor, hope, honesty, and unique insights. Her story will take you on a powerful journey that begins with her diagnosis and ends with her being transformed, more vital than ever, and gloriously grateful for all she experienced.

Marion is a keynote speaker and offers workshops on how to survive and thrive through any rough patch; especially dealing with cancer, treatment, and learning how to live each day with gratitude. Her Discover Your Angels classes are loved buy all who participated and introduce ten specific Archangels to you. Working with these angels is a life changing experience..



Women TIES February Member-Only Meeting

Women TIES, LLC  Featuring:
Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham
Founder & President

Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Noon - 1 p.m.
Your Home Office

Reservations due:  February 8

$7.00  (Member Rate: Sales Contact List, Video Recording, Marketing Time)

The February 2022 Women TIES Member-Only Meeting will be held on February 9th instead of February 2nd. Please mark your calendar and join us for the event.

We plan on discussing what is working well for you so far in the New Year as well as hear about your upcoming events, programs, services, and offerings.

This one-hour of valuable marketing time is a great way to spread your news to members who care about buying from and hiring other members.

About the Presenter

A 27-year woman entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and promoter of other female business owners for three decades.



Women TIES Sponsored Event: Onondaga Small Business Development Center Free Marketing and Branding Support

Joan Powers Featuring:
Joan Powers
Small Business Development Center

Saturday, February 12, 2022
9 a.m.
Small Business Development Center, Syracuse, New York

Reservations due:  February 12

Cost: Free

Women TIES is proud to media sponsor business events in New York State to support women entrepreneurs. This event is being produced by the Onondaga Small Business Development Center in Syracuse, NY.


The Onondaga Small Business Development Center in Syracuse is offering a free specialty consultant grant program to help women in business:

* Create a strategic marketing plan
* Assist with designing a logo
* Update your existing marketing plan
* Develop a brand identity
* Determine the best ways to maximize your marketing budget

Go to https://www.onondagasbdc.org/specialty-consultant-program.html to connect with a SBDC Marketing/Branding professional, at no cost to you!

About the Presenter

Joan is a long-time supporter of Women TIES and sat on the Women TIES Advisory Board for many years. She runs an excellent program for Onondaga County entrepreneurs located on Onondaga Hill.




    315.708.4288   |   info@WomenTIES.com   |   P.O. Box 339   |   Syracuse, NY  13211
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