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  Alice G Patterson Photography

Alice G Patterson

Alice G Patterson Photography

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

27 Canton St.
Baldwinsville, NY  13027

315-638-2889 (voice)


Alice Patterson
  Business Category:
In Business Since: 1991

Desired Markets: Local, Regional, State, National
  Description: Alice G. Patterson is a lifestyle and commercial photographer with a passion for creating modern yet timeless photos for her impressive roster of loyal clients.
  Profile: Specializing in both portraits and editorial work, Alice brings a BA in Commercial Photography and more than 25 years of experience to the lens, thoughtfully cultivating images that tell each client's unique story. An avid animal lover and a strong supporter of women in business, she is especially fond of creating custom images for creative business owners to bring their brands to life. Her work has been featured prominently online by sites such as The Sweetest Occasion, Camille Styles and Style By Emily Henderson in addition to several magazine and book print features. A lover of travel, an avid dreamer and an endlessly creative soul, Alice finds deep joy in collaborating and creating. She resides in Central New York, in the picturesque village of Baldwinsville with her two trusty canine sidekicks Franny and Darla. There she can often be found in her home studio shooting or trying her hand at a tasty new vegan recipe in the kitchen. In her free time, she's an Elle Decor junkie, an arts enthusiast and actively involved in several local professional organizations.
  Featured Products or Services: Custom portrait, editorial and product photography for women entrepreneurs, as well as dog and high school senior portraits.
  Laura Thorne Consulting

Laura Thorne

Strategy and Execution Consultant
Laura Thorne Consulting

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

202 Academy Pl
Syracuse, NY  13207


The Role Model Way™ Store
Laura Thorne
  Business Categories:
Business Services, Advisors and Consultants
Trainers, Speakers & Performance Consultants
Website Services
In Business Since: 2015

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 3

Locations: Clients and partners currently in Tampa, Fl | Asheville, NC | Slovenia |Czech Republic

Desired Markets: Local, Regional, State, National, International

  Description: I believe it is time for business owners to play their part to positively change the world I created The Role Model Way!™ organizational learning and leadership development system to help caring leaders be the change.
  Profile: There comes a time in every business, non-profit, team, or individual journey where one needs to make the leap to a new level. Startups grow into businesses, small businesses will want to expand, nonprofits want to make a bigger impact, teams take on new assignments, and individuals encounter new challenges. When you’re on the verge of growing it is not time to shrink and hold back; it’s time to steady your foothold, evaluate your strengths, augment your weaknesses, ready your teams, and volley forward. Having an experienced growth strategist at your side will help you build capacity, choose the path of least resistance, and hold steady as you go forward into the unknown.
  Featured Products or Services: The Role Model Way!™ Advanced Leadership Academy (Just the course, One-on-One Coaching, or group coaching) | Advanced Leadership Challenge - Sustainable Corporate Mentor Program | Freelance PT COO - Helping make more of you to get to the next level |
  Women TIES Business Referrals: Brass Rings LLC, Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham
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