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Women TIES inspires women to keep them motivated and positive about being a woman business owner. If you want to be inspired check out these methods:

Wednesday Wisdom E-Newsletter

Subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter called "The Wednesday Wisdom," full of inspiration, success strategies, events and women you should know more about. Sign up for it here.

Business Blog

Visit our popular blog for business advice, insight, and success strategies. Find it at www.womenties.wordpress.com.

Inspirational Podcasts

Be inspired whenever you want by listing to three minute recordings, delivered by Women TIES President Tracy Higginbotham. Just click on the title of the business inspiration any time you need it.

Wednesday Wisdom: Thanksgiving Business Blessings

A Taste of Collaboration

Monday Motivation: A Brand New Pink Dawn for Women

Fuel Your File

Wednesday Wisdom: Women and the Vote NYS

Wednesday Wisdom: The Value of Obtaining Multiple Vendor Quotes

Wednesday Wisdom: Female Business Friendships

Balancing A Tech vs. Non-Tech World to Succeed

Wednesday Wisdom: Vital Business Communities

Monday Motivation: The Power of Accepting Business Invitations

Wednesday Wisdom: What's Next For You and Women?

My Special Reason for Celebrating a Century of Women's Suffrage

Wednesday Wisdom: Keeping Your Options Open

Wednesday Wisdom: Sizzling Business Thoughts

Increased Screen Time Can Be a Silver Lining

Wednesday Wisdom: Sparkling Success Inspiration

Is Podcasting Your New Tool in Business?

Success Success Strategies For Work-at-Home Mothers

Kindness as a Special Key to Business

Digging Deep for Business Success

Full-Circle Moments - Parenthood and Entrepreneurship

A Plan to Move Forward On a New Path

Member Message - June 2020

A Personal Perspective on the Weekend's Uprising

OneNYChallenge Inspirational Podcast

Mining For Sales Gold

Risk Tolerance For Reopening Your Business

The Positive Side of Event Disappointments

Tips on Reopening Your Small Business After Coronavirus

Mad Money Decisions

Tracy's Second Message to Members During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Inspiration - 25 Years of Mixing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Friday Feeling - Go Beyond

Reopening Your Business Tips (After the Coronavirus Economic Shutdown)

Entrepreneurial Business Planning During the Economic Pause

Lessons Learned Running the 2017 Boston Marathon

Supporting Essential Businesses

Tips on Writing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Happiness in Trying Times

Best Ways to Connect With Customers During the Coronavirus Crisis

Motherhood & Entrepreneurship During the Coronavirus

Tracy's Message to Members During Coronavirus Period

Enterpreneurial Word for 2019

Serena vs. Roger - We All Won

2019 Ode For Women Entrepreneurs

Holiday Sales Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

Saying Farewell to a Strong Woman

Leadership Lessons from President41

Statue of Liberty Inspiring Women of Today’s Generation

How Motherhood Effects Women in Sports and Business

Women Who Inspire

Ramp Up Your Cash Flow With Marketing Specials

Giving Tuesday Inspiration

The Power of 55

Sooner Than Later

Inventing Happiness

Pinning Over Pinterest

A Pink Globe

Moving with New Technologies

A Rosier Financial Future for Women

Living Fearless

The Ying and Yang of Business

Sell to Deliver

Wild Imagination

The Next Stage

Women Leading the Way

The Path

Darkness & Light

Instinctive Decisions

New Facebook Horizons

A New Beginning


Reputation Management

Roots and Wings

55 Days of Power

Social Media Marketing to the Rescue


Planning for All Possibilities

Sharing Space

Envisioning the End

97% Success

The Power of 100

177 Days Left

Lessons from the Lacrosse Field

Headset Sales

At the Top

Government Support

Oprah's Lessons


Trust in Transformation

New Initatives


Living in the Numbers

No Exceptions

Business Life Cycles

Financial Fear

Social Media Marketing Rules

Women's History Month Challenge

Clear Communication

The Ideal Client

How Much Do You Charge

The Value of Former Clients

Million Dollar Aspirations

Golden Bridges

The Year of Risk

Serious Intentions

Planning Essentials

Thanksgiving Message for Women Entrepreneurs

A Global Perspective

Glass Half Full

Stand Strong

Going for No

Phoenix Rising

Own Your Power

Lessons from a Hot Fudge Sundae

Inspiring Success Retreat Welcome


Up Your Game To Succeed

Everything We Do Matters

Shredding and Shedding

Personal Invitational to the 2010 Inspiring Success Retreat



Long-Standing Relationships

Advancing Women

Making Different Work

Creating a Legacy

Customer Service - Packing for Ice

Going it Alone



Chanting Your Message

Reputation Management

100 Creative Ideas

Excellent Customer Service

Eyes and Heart Wide Open

Growing Pains

Entrepreneurial Success Strategies

Envisioning Success

Financial Challenge


Belief in Ourselves, Our Companies and Other Women

86,400 Seconds in a Day

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