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Lynda Krause

Assistant U.S. Attorney
Department of Justice

(Professional Position)

3336 E Tree Farm Lane
Salt Lake City, UT  84121

Lynda Krause
  Business Category:
In Business Since: 1994

Desired Market: National

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Tha DM Kyet

TT Lace Me Up

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

918 Blandina St.
Utica, NY  13501

315-765-9972 (voice)


Business Category:

In Business Since: 2020

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 1

Locations: not at the moment

Desired Market: International
  Profile: My business, TT Lace Me Up, was constructed due to my passion for art. I wanted to help customers communicate their personality through their own custom shoes, which leads me to my mission statement “To express yourself through personalized footwear.” My customers desires are my number one priority and my key to success.
  Featured Products or Services: My product is personalized art on footwear. I customize leather shoes for individuals in local or distant communities. The customization is anything the individuals desire it to be. The art designs are made with angelus paint and sometimes the shoes are customized with fabric such as bandanas. The designs/art on the shoe are anything the customer's desire. I am able to do logos and simple designs. Orders will take around 1-2 weeks and we do ship/deliver if customer is not local. The shoe pricing is around $100-200 depending on the complexity of the art wanted.

Barb Klein

Inspired Possibility

(100% Woman-Owned Business)

PO Box 612
Livonia, NY  14487

585-705-8740 (voice)


Business Category:

In Business Since: 2013

Number of Employees/Subcontractors: 0

Locations: work virtually

Desired Markets: Regional, State, National, International, Local
  Description: Barb Klein is a Possibilitator, life & family recovery coach, retreat leader, & author of 111 Invitations: Step into the Full Richness of Life. Barb helps people reconnect with their inner wisdom as they recover and reclaim their lives. Barb’s work is grounded in compassion, mindfulness, & self-care.
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