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Women TIES creates, hosts, sponsors and supports a variety of local, regional and state-wide entrepreneurial events. The website is updated frequently with important strategic networking and educational programs. You'll find event details, speaker profiles and registration information. Bookmark this page, so you can visit it easily to learn more about valuable entrepreneurial events to help you grow your business. Women TIES believes attending our strategic sales, networking and educational events is a valuable investment in your business.


Women TIES Zoom Event "How to Repurpose Content to Generate More Sales"

Deb Coman Featuring:
Deb Coman
Content Marketing Conversion Strategist

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
12 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Your Home Office

Reservations due:  May 17

$20.00  (Women TIES Member Rate)
$25.00  (Non Member Rate)

Did you know that only 40% of small businesses are profitable? Worse yet, of the other 60%, 30% break even and 30% are losing money. The key to more sales and profit for women entrepreneurs lives inside your content. When you consistently engage the power of content marketing and repurposing in your small business, you can bring in 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing and spend 62% less doing it.

If you are faced with not being able to keep up with the volume of content it takes to attract clients or think blogging, email marketing and social media don't work and possibly that working on your content takes too much time and effort and your sales aren't increasing, then this program is for you.

At the Women TIES "How to Repurpose Content to Generate More Sales" Zoom Event, Deb Coman of DebComan.com, a Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter, will provide insightful training on how to create, share, and repurpose the content your audience needs to say yes to your offers.

During the training, you will learn the 4 C Method for content that connects and converts, how to blog, email, and use social media like a pro, and the #1 key to getting your content to generate sales. Don't miss this educational opportunity to become more knowledgeable about this subject to excel better.

If you'd like to sponsor this program and market your company to our audience of women entrepreneurs, please reach out to the Women TIES Office for details on the extensive marketing opportunity an event sponsorship offers for $250.

About the Presenter

Deb Coman is a Content Marketing Conversion Strategist and Copywriter empowering small business owners to crack the content conversion code so they can attract and enroll more clients online.

Deb is well-known for breaking down comprehensive strategy into actionable steps and for engaging and building relationships online with audiences around the world.

She supports business owners to power up their content with clarity, connection, and consistency that leads to more sales. With private and group options for start-ups to 7-figure business owners, she can customize a service to meet your needs.

A frequent speaker, trainer, and podcast guest, Deb is also on the Leadership Team of the global Women Speakers Association and an international bestselling author. Her copy is behind some of the big-name FacebookTM and InstagramTM ads you see and her strategies power many blogs, social media sites, and email campaigns. By aligning with core values and helping her clients do the same, Deb supports business owners to attract and convert more clients through connection. Founder of The Content Conversion Lab, you can learn more about Deb on almost all the social media platforms and at DebComan.com.



Women TIES Media Sponsored Event: "Inspirational Possibilities - The New You" Presented by Sharon CassanoLochman

Sharon CassanoLochman Featuring:
Sharon CassanoLochman
Ontario Shore Publishing

Sunday, May 30, 2021
9 a.m.
Your Own Space

Reservations due:  May 30


Women TIES is media sponsoring our members event that are female, business or inspirational focused to help them increase their marketing exposure and revenue opportunities during the Covid Pandemic.


Are you ready to boost your self-esteem and have a new outlook on life? Remember, you were born joyful and believing in yourself and your abilities. You were not afraid to take your first step or say your first word. And as a small child, you experienced many tumbles and falls. Yet, you got back up and kept trying by putting one foot in front of the other, and soon you were unstoppable.

But something happened, and everything changed. Now you shy away from the mirror for fear of what you might see beyond the aging face and layers of unworthiness.

If you need to create "THE NEW YOU" take this 31-Day Challenge to refresh your outlook on life by squashing self-limiting beliefs and unleashing your inner confidence.

Fee: $27 at this link to learn more and sign up: https://www.sharoncassanolochman.com/31-day-challenge

About the Presenter

Sharon's mission is to inspire, teach, and lead you—the aspiring author—through the fundamentals of the writing, submitting, and publishing process. She is the only personalized writing consultant offering a holistic approach to writing. She gives you her blessings to be the author who dared because the world needs your talents.

The world needs to hear your voice—the voice of a writer. The world needs messages woven through plots and characters. The world needs to engage in thought-provoking ideas or ways to overcome life's challenges.



Women TIES June Member-Only Meeting

Women TIES Member Meetings Featuring:
Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham
Founder & President

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Your Home Office

Reservations due:  June 1

$5.00  (Member Rate)

It is that time of the month when women entrepreneurs from Women TIES gather to share news about themselves and their companies with other members. Consider it a 1 hour investment in your business and business relationships.

Bring your latest products, services, books, programs, or new offerings to the Zoom Meeting. Members who attend regularly and are making some sales and nice connections.

The cost is only $5.

About the Presenter

26-year promoter, supporter and uniter of women entrepreneurs across Central New York and Upstate New York.



Women TIES Media Sponsored Event: Discover Your Angels By Marion Andrews

Marion Andrews Featuring:
Marion Andrews

Saturday, June 5, 2021
10 a.m.
Your Home Office

Reservations due:  June 4

$97.00  (Ten classes)

Women TIES is proud to media sponsor our members events during the continued pandemic to help them with visibility and sales.

Event Description:

Have you wondered why some talk about Angels as though they know them well and enjoy their presence like they do good friends?

Now you can benefit from Marion Andrew's experience with these angelic beings.

In these ten classes, you will learn how to communicate with the angels and how to recognize their unique vibration and presence. You can enjoy less anxiety and stress and sleep more soundly at night knowing that you have angelic help for each day.

The classes are pre-recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience. The link to register for the classes is at https://marionandrews.com/discover-your-angels/

About the Presenter

An entrepreneur, writer, teacher, healer and unshakable optimist, Marion Andrews is dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

Following her initial diagnosis with Stage 3B colon cancer, she underwent the recommended chemotherapy, only to repeat the whole scene the following year with the new designation of Stage 4, and then AGAIN, the year after that!

In her bestselling book, Gloriously Grateful, Marion chronicles this journey with humor, hope, honesty, and unique insights. Her story will take you on a powerful journey that begins with her diagnosis and ends with her being transformed, more vital than ever, and gloriously grateful for all she experienced.

Marion is a keynote speaker and offers workshops on how to survive and thrive through any rough patch; especially dealing with cancer, treatment, and learning how to live each day with gratitude.

Along with her daughter, Michelle Forsyth, Marion coauthored Who Am I, Anyway?: A Guided Journal. She has also contributed to these best-selling books: 111 Morning Meditations; Happy Thoughts Playbook; Healer; Kindness Crusader; and When I Rise, I Thrive. All her books are available on Amazon and on the book page here: www.marionandrews.com/books




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