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Deb Coman Writing, Editing & Coaching Business Services
  Weekly Content Blueprint: A Strategic Workflow Offer expires: 2/8/19

If you're writing blogs no one reads, posting on social media to crickets, and are not sure what specific content topics will get you more of your best clients, check out this Weekly Content Blueprint. This Strategic Workflow in 8 Easy Steps is the exact content conversion strategy I use with my best private clients. Its customizable workbook for you (and your team) helps you map out a content plan, set target dates, and track progress. Coupled with a comprehensive and streamlined 15 minute content conversion training video it's all the strategy you need to create, share, and repurpose your content to get more of your best customers. NORMALLY $97 ... NOW ONLY $27 Learn more here https://debcoman.lpages.co/weekly-content-conversion-calendar-bundle

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