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Wednesday Wisdom

Success Strategies: Mohawk Valley Making More Money Luncheon
Apr 24, 2019

These success strategies came from the April 24, 2019 Mohawk Valley "Making More Money" Luncheon presented by Michelle Shauger of Primerica and sponsored by the NYWBC. To learn more, reach out to Michelle through her contact information on the Women TIES website - www.womentis.com. 

* The best way to hit monetary goals is to set a financial goal and then break down the goal into a year, six month, quarterly and monthly monetary plan.

* Once you have the monetary amount you need to make per month, you can figure out how many people you need to meet or call to bring in that amount of money. You also need to determine what type of contact converts the people you are meeting into customers (ex: phone call, face to face meeting, email, etc.). You also need to outline where you find potential customers. 

* Put together a "team" of advisors to help hit your goals - CPA, Bookkeeper, Attorney. Consult with them on your financial goals and find ways their expertise can help you. 

* Analyze how many hours you actually "work" on making money. What constitutes making money? For Michelle - there are only 2 times she is "working" - when she is meeting with a client selling financial services and when she is meeting with clients to sign contracts. All other activities are not "work" meaning they don't equate to flow of money. Make sure you are "working" in your business. 

* Acknowledge why you started your business and what your end game is to keep yourself motivated and on track with money matters. 

* Be consistent with doing "money" responsiblities. You can't increase sales by $50,000 a year without a consistent plan to make sales calls, meet with customers, find sponsors, etc. You must be consistent every day/week with duties that bring in money. 

* A good book to read is "Marketing to Sell" to get you inspired. 


Success Strategies From Binghamton Event
Mar 20, 2019

Today's Success Strategies come from the March 13, 2019 Women TIES Binghamton event. These are business success strategies pertinent to women in the room. We hope they help you today too. 

First Topic: Using Social Media Marketing Advertising vs. Traditional Marketing

* A company in the room had their company page blocked by Facebook and wants to know how other women post on Facebook or promote company news or events some suggestions were: 
1. Post the "news" as an event opposed to a page comment. Then share that news with your friends. 
2. Teach something in posts opposed to stating or proclaiming something. 
3. Use more videos of products and services since video is a popular way now for Instagram (owned by Facebook) to be used to promote company's products/services. 
4. Ask more people to share your news - this is viral marketing. 
5. Use #hashtags all the time. Create your own for something you are promoting. 
6. Offer a percent or discount on social media and study the results. 

* Some women use traditional display ads still to market their companies. They like advertising deals that come with editorial copy next to the ad. This is something the Binghamton Reporter offers in their publications. 

Second Topic: Building and Growing a Business

* Hire only part time workers - like an assistant - to do non-revenue producing work for the company while the owner focused on the revenue/sales parts of the business. 
* 1099 someone. 
* Let go of everything being the way you do it and become less of a perfectionist. 
* Set time to train the new hire well. Training is really important to have your brand, mission and work done the way you want it done. 
* Have part time staff train other part time staff as you grow. 

Third Topic: Need Better Time/Self Management
* Must become a better planner of tasks and responsibilities. 
* Make a "to do list" of top three priorities at end of each day to use at the start of every work day. Cross off what gets done. Add  new items. Update the list at the end of the day to use the following day. 
* 75% of entrepreneurs don't do their Top 3 tasks. Make them a priority. 
* Give up Facebook/Social Media during the day. 
* Hire a coach and discover priorities in your life. 
* Dedicate first hour of the day to making money. 
* It is okay to give yourself permission to take care of yourself first sometimes. We are WOMEN first and ENTREPRENEURS second. 


Success Strategies: Top Rated Services
Mar 6, 2019

Today's success strategies come from top rated services seen or experienced at the Mayo Clinic with ideas for you to add similar excellence to your business. 

1. If setting up appointments with new clients, send a welcome letter or email with dates, times, location, and information to make their trip and time with you easier to find and retrieve. 

2. Upon arrival, greet them with a friendly tone and spirit, confirming the reason for the appointment before you jump into details. Ask them if there is anything else they should know before the appointment begins. 

3. Be a clear communicator during the appointment. Take notes if necessary to followup with them. 

4. Follow-up with 24-72 hours on anything you promise or need to do for them as stated in the meeting/appointment. If you can't follow up immediately, give them a time when you will and make sure you deliver on that time. 

5. Make sure customers know they can reach you via phone for questions or follow-up as  necessary. Since "portals" are the way doctors communicate with patients, perhaps an email is a better system for you to communicate with them if phone is difficult. Don't text customers unless you know they check their texts. 

6.  Always thank customers for their time when you speak with them. They are your number one priority. 


5 PR Tips for Women Entrepreneurs
Mar 24, 2015

5 PR Tips For You and Your Business - By Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, President, Women TIES, LLC and Five Star Events

1. Practice 3 Creeds Every Day

* It Is About My Business, Not About My Ego
* If I Don’t Have Money to Advertise, I Must Promote
* Publicity Begets Publicity

2. Become a Press Release Student

* Know how to write a press release and if you don’t hire someone to write them
* Think about what you sell or expertise you have and consider ways it helps the media
* Submit press release/news quarterly
* Become friends with local media

3. Become a Writer

* Create a list of your top 5 expert topics
* Write a half page article on each topic (400 words) to get started
* Research publications for submission (trade, non-trade, business, regional, state, national)
* Once published, maintain a binder of your completed work and update your credentials
* Create and maintain a blog and then share your blog posts on social media

4. Become a Public Speaker

* Create a list of your top 5 expert topics
* Research speaking opportunities at 10 organizations (local, regional, national, trade, industry)
* Research local radio and television shows
* Send formal letters along with credentials, headshot, presentation topics
* Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up
* Once you speak, update your credentials with speaking engagements
* Join Women TIES Speaker’s Bureau

5. Cross Promote Others

* Establish relationships with complementary businesses
* Cross promotion can involve PR for both companies through websites, advertising,
event promotion, print materials, office displays, etc.
* Brainstorm with business associates on collaborative promotional ideas


If you are a Women TIES member, make sure you use the 23 PR tools we offer year round to market and promote your business. We are a “secondary marketing” source for women entrepreneurs. We exist to help you brand your name in increase your sales potential. We also have a high SEO ranking so being “linked” with us through our website with your own profile will help your online marketing outreach too.

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