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Success Strategies: Conducting a Marketing Audit
Jan 14, 2021

Tips for “Conducting a Marketing Audit”- a Women TIES January 12, 2021 Event
Presented by Kristi Mitchell of KristiMitchell.com.

Benefits of Conducting a Marketing Audit:
1. Refines Your Marketing Efforts
2. Prioritizes a Company’s Initiatives
3. Improves Focus

Social Media Marketing Audits:

Kristi prefers Hubspot.com for social media analytics

Do an audit every six months for your social media marketing platforms, but perhaps a 30 day review for Instagram.  

If you want more up-to-date information, do an audit monthly and input the information but evaluate your numbers quarterly.  Mark a date like the first day of the month to collect the marketing data and input it into a spreadsheet.

A good tip is to figure out the time and day you are posting that is most popular to help optimize your efforts and posts.

Keep in mind, blogging is a long term marketing platform and different than your corporate websites.

Website Analytics

Kristi suggested going to YouTube and searching for a video that shows you how to find your analytics. YouTube has many helpful videos.

Ubersuggest.com is a good auditing tool to check out your company’s SEO score - meaning how well your website is performing. It can also help you see organic keywords used to find your website.

Email Newsletter Analytics

Check out the open rate. A good rate is 15-25%.
Check out the click through rate which will vary but a good percentage is 2-3%.
Check out the bounce rate which should be less than 1%
Finally, check out your unsubscribe rate which should be between .2-.5%.

Now companies like Constant Contact will suggest better subject lines which typically give better open rates. Make sure when you are thinking about a title for your enewsletter mailing that it is clear about what you want someone to do.

Constant Contact also offers a “resend to non-openers” option with a different subject line which is easy and good to try. 

For help with this subject, please reach out to Kristi Mitchell at www.kristimitchell.com.

Woman of the Week Interview - Jody Brown
Dec 9, 2020

Woman of the Week: Jody Brown, Founder of Wholly Education

Women TIES:  I love the name of your company “Wholly Education”, can you explain how you created the name?

Jody: Thank you for asking that! I love telling people the story of how I discovered the words HEAL, WHOLE and HOLY all come from the same root word, the Old English word HAL. That was a big aha moment for me to realize that at one time those concepts were so interrelated that we only needed one word to describe them. I have often wondered how the concepts became so disintegrated, but In also feel with the current Holistic Health movement, we are reintegrating them. Wholly Education is a play on those words.

Women TIES:  You company Wholly Education is dedicated to empowering people to realize their full potential by nourishing their body, mind and spirit. What three ways do you help people do this?

Jody: I offer Holistic Health Coaching as a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am also a Reiki Master and Meditation Instructor.

Women TIES:  Do you have any online programs coming up where women entrepreneurs can gain some nourishment and inspiration for 2021?

Jody: I am so glad you asked that, Tracy! As a matter of fact, I do. I am launching a pilot course called “Maintaining Emotional Wellness During the Pandemic" on January 10th at 7:00 PM ET via Zoom. We will cover such topics as Routines and why they are important, how Gratitude plays a role, thinking outside of the box to maintain Connection and Community, and how Meditation and Exercise keep us more resilient during challenging times. If you or anyone you know is interested in more information, please email me at the email address below. 

Women TIES: I also love the fact you are a non-denominational wedding officiant. How long have you been one and why did you become one?  

Jody: I became ordained through the Universal Life Church on January 1, 2001. That’s 01/01/01, I originally wanted to be ordained as part of my Reiki practice. It wasn’t until 2016 that I decided to start officiating at weddings. Many years ago, I was a Childbirth Educator and helped people through the life transition to parenthood. Now I am assisting people through another life transition and it brings me a great deal of joy to have that honor.

Women TIES: How do engaged couples find you to have you perform a ceremony for them?

Jody: Really the only place I advertise is on a platform called “Thumbtack,” although I have business cards for word of mouth advertising, and it is also on my website. I had planned to hand out rack cards to local wineries this summer. I had the cards all made up, purchased the racks to put them in and had the list of wineries I wanted to go to. Unfortunately, the pandemic delayed that plan. But anyone can always call or email me if they need my services.

Women TIES: With Covid-19, so many weddings have been postponed until 2021 or downsized, do you have any advice for women getting married, renewing their vows or have engaged sons or daughters as they plan nuptials in the new year?

Jody: WEAR YOUR MASK and continue to keep the party small if you do decide to continue with your plans through the pandemic. Most of the weddings I have done during this time have been bride, groom, and witnesses only and we have ALL been masked!

Women TIES: What 3 pieces of short business or personal advice can you give to women reading this article to help them through this predicted “dark winter” due to the pandemic?

Jody: I will share that what has helped me the most through the pandemic are meditating, keeping an attitude of gratitude, and staying connected with others via Zoom.
Women TIES:
How can readers contact you?  

Phone: (315) 882-1450
Email: jfb523@gmail.com
Website: whollyeducation.net
Address:  2558A Lower Lake Road, Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9419


Success Strategies - Creating an App For Your Business
Nov 11, 2020

These success strategies on using an app for a business were given at the Women TIES Zoom Event “Powerful Voices App”  presented by Lekia K. Hill, Founder of the Powerful Voices App on November 11, 2020. 

“An app is a vision” – Lekia K. Hill

“You don’t have to be an expert to have an app”  - Lekia K. Hill

“At first I was the voice for other people but we need to find our voice and then use our voice to make a difference. Apps are a possible way to do that.” Lekia K. Hill

The Powerful Voices App was created as a space for Lekia to do work around issues important to her specifically on equity, diversity, and community issues. It is also a hub for registration to vote. It helps community members find their “civic tribe” on issues most important to them.

In general, people spend 5-6 hours on their mobile phone per day so business owners who want to reach the masses should consider creating an app for their business or organization.

On average, people have 96 apps on their phone and use 25 of them.

You want people to connect with you and an app can do that for you.

Four reasons to use apps if you are a business owner are:
* Provide more value to your customers.
* Build a stronger brand which helps you recruit more clients
* Connect better with customers
* Boost profits

Just like adding anything new to your business, you must have a marketing plan for it. When you create an app, you need to figure out how you will market the app so people will know about it and download it. Connect with your clients, get in front of a podium, speak anywhere about it, ask friends and family to share it with their network, and share it on social media.  

Some people crowdfund their apps to get financial backing for development of it. Check out GoFundMe and other types of crowdfunding programs.

Amy Wyatt is a female app developer. Contact Lekia for Amy’s name and information.

To download Lekia’s app visit www.powerfulvoicesapp.com and SHARE it with others.

5 PR Tips for Women Entrepreneurs
Mar 24, 2015

5 PR Tips For You and Your Business - By Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, President, Women TIES, LLC and Five Star Events

1. Practice 3 Creeds Every Day

* It Is About My Business, Not About My Ego
* If I Don’t Have Money to Advertise, I Must Promote
* Publicity Begets Publicity

2. Become a Press Release Student

* Know how to write a press release and if you don’t hire someone to write them
* Think about what you sell or expertise you have and consider ways it helps the media
* Submit press release/news quarterly
* Become friends with local media

3. Become a Writer

* Create a list of your top 5 expert topics
* Write a half page article on each topic (400 words) to get started
* Research publications for submission (trade, non-trade, business, regional, state, national)
* Once published, maintain a binder of your completed work and update your credentials
* Create and maintain a blog and then share your blog posts on social media

4. Become a Public Speaker

* Create a list of your top 5 expert topics
* Research speaking opportunities at 10 organizations (local, regional, national, trade, industry)
* Research local radio and television shows
* Send formal letters along with credentials, headshot, presentation topics
* Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up
* Once you speak, update your credentials with speaking engagements
* Join Women TIES Speaker’s Bureau

5. Cross Promote Others

* Establish relationships with complementary businesses
* Cross promotion can involve PR for both companies through websites, advertising,
event promotion, print materials, office displays, etc.
* Brainstorm with business associates on collaborative promotional ideas


If you are a Women TIES member, make sure you use the 23 PR tools we offer year round to market and promote your business. We are a “secondary marketing” source for women entrepreneurs. We exist to help you brand your name in increase your sales potential. We also have a high SEO ranking so being “linked” with us through our website with your own profile will help your online marketing outreach too.

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