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The Benefits of Running for Women Entrepreneurs
Apr 22, 2021

As Oprah would say, “What I know for sure..." is that running has played a positive role in being a successful woman entrepreneur the past 16 years. I started off running in my pool because I didn’t think I could run on land. I eventually learned to run outside around my house graduating to a park six months later when I was convinced, I looked okay running. It’s funny how one can be so confident in business but not in running form.

Running led me to meet amazing women in different areas of my life and profession who also ran, opened up new countryside and urban landscapes, and made me a half-marathoner and then full marathoner which was never the goal. Thank you running for opening up my life to big beautiful things.

At the Women TIES first International woman speaker series “Running Shapes Business Success,” Dr. Juliet McGrattan from England, one of the women I met running in the Boston Marathon, shared 7 benefits of running for women entrepreneurs. Here they are:

1. Running releases creativity
2. Running helps you learn
3. Running reduces cognitive decline
4. Running helps nail time management
5. Running helps you set goals
6. Running opens up networking
7. Running keeps you healthy

Running truly is like having a secret weapon in life – especially for women entrepreneurs. If running isn’t your ideal exercise, walking can bring as many benefits. Keep in mind as Juliet stated, 150 minutes of moderate activity a week or 75 minutes of higher exertion fitness a week is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself as a woman, and woman entrepreneur.
Juliet’s latest book “Run Well” will be released in America the end of May. It is a true handbook for anyone starting to run or long-time runners. Learn more about Juliet at www.drjulietmcgrattan.com and start not only running your business but your life – literally.  

Success Strategies From Deborah J. Cabral
Feb 17, 2021

These success strategies come from Deborah J. Cabral, Founder of D.C. Efficiency, delivered at the Women TIES Annual Galentine's Day Celebration on 2/11/21. 

Deborah was first introduced to Galentine's Day when a female graphic designer gifted her a business kick-off party at her home. From that point forward, Deborah has grown more successful creating multiple divisions to her first company, creating a nationally syndicated television show, and reinventing herself and her business offerings along the way. Below are some of Deb's success strategies to presented at our event on 2/11/21. 

1. Define What Success Means To You - It is important to know what success will look and feel like. Become crystal clear of what it looks like and write it down. Look at that "success description" every day. Proof shows the more you set specific intentions for success, the more likely they come to fruition. 

2. Figure Out What Motivates and Inspires You - Everyone has different passions, interests, and desires. To be successful in business understand what motivates and inspires you so you can create a business around those interests, strengths, and power points. 

3. Plan, Plan, Plan - Successful entrepreneuers have a plan and then work the plan. You must know what your next move is in order to get to the level of success you want to reach. At times in business, planning helps an entrepreneur diversify from their original plan creating longer lasting success. 

4. Don't Let Fear Stop You - Never let fear or even naysayers stop you from reaching your goals. Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Don't let fear keep you from doing things. 

5. Build Confidence - It is not only being confident in yourself but in your business. You must believe in your business or you won't be able to sell. Sometimes it is also about being in the right place at the right time and being able to capitalize on opportunities. 

6. Be Persistent - Keep in mind persistence is a muscle. The more you are persistent, the stronger you become over time. Follow-up in sales or networking is essential. 

7. Be More Positive - I CAN must be your attitude! Don't say "I can't!" You must be more positive and believe in yourself.  If someone asks you about doing something you aren't sure you can do or offer, tell them you 

8. Ask For Help - Surround yourself with people who an provide assistance when you need it. Get help from government agencies, business coaches, additional educational courses, etc.

If you'd like to purchase the full video of success strategies with more stories, examples and energy than this written text, add this website link to your browser and order.  http://www.womenties.com/events.cfm#Event712

To find out more about Deborah J. Cabral, visit https://www.dceffconsult.com


5 PR Tips for Women Entrepreneurs
Mar 24, 2015

5 PR Tips For You and Your Business - By Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, President, Women TIES, LLC and Five Star Events

1. Practice 3 Creeds Every Day

* It Is About My Business, Not About My Ego
* If I Don’t Have Money to Advertise, I Must Promote
* Publicity Begets Publicity

2. Become a Press Release Student

* Know how to write a press release and if you don’t hire someone to write them
* Think about what you sell or expertise you have and consider ways it helps the media
* Submit press release/news quarterly
* Become friends with local media

3. Become a Writer

* Create a list of your top 5 expert topics
* Write a half page article on each topic (400 words) to get started
* Research publications for submission (trade, non-trade, business, regional, state, national)
* Once published, maintain a binder of your completed work and update your credentials
* Create and maintain a blog and then share your blog posts on social media

4. Become a Public Speaker

* Create a list of your top 5 expert topics
* Research speaking opportunities at 10 organizations (local, regional, national, trade, industry)
* Research local radio and television shows
* Send formal letters along with credentials, headshot, presentation topics
* Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up
* Once you speak, update your credentials with speaking engagements
* Join Women TIES Speaker’s Bureau

5. Cross Promote Others

* Establish relationships with complementary businesses
* Cross promotion can involve PR for both companies through websites, advertising,
event promotion, print materials, office displays, etc.
* Brainstorm with business associates on collaborative promotional ideas


If you are a Women TIES member, make sure you use the 23 PR tools we offer year round to market and promote your business. We are a “secondary marketing” source for women entrepreneurs. We exist to help you brand your name in increase your sales potential. We also have a high SEO ranking so being “linked” with us through our website with your own profile will help your online marketing outreach too.

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