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to the new Women's Athletic Network, a division of Women TIES that promotes athletic events for women entrepreneurs to participate in, train for or support as spectators.

Tracy Higginbotham
Tracy Higginbotham
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About the Women's Athletic Network

Wendy Stark
Wendy Stark
  • Are you a woman entrepreneur who enjoys participating in sports?
  • Do you consider yourself an athletic woman looking for other like-minded women to participate in or watch sporting events with?
  • Do you believe gathering with like-minded, athletic woman entrepreneurs could expand or add depth to your business horizons?
  • Do you want to support other female athletes to help with the equality issues still facing women athletes today and put more spectators in the seats at women's sporting events?

Welcome to the new Women's Athletic Network, a division of Women TIES that promotes athletic events for women entrepreneurs to participate in, train for or support as spectators.

Caz Rowers
Karie Ballway (Cooley Group, Inc), bow; her mother Linda Moriarty, stern
Photo credit: Chris Nevison & Barbara Wells, Cazenovia NY

It's easy to imagine how some of the same skills acquired playing on an athletic field, participating in sporting events and training to improve one's health can translate to professional success. All of them require skill, determination, fortitude, inspiration and support. The relationship between sports participation and career achievement can't be overestimated according to some feminist scholars.

The idea of the Women TIES Athletic division was born from watching women connected with our company dedicated to physical, recreational or training activities in addition to running their businesses. Women entrepreneurs need an outlet for business stress as well as camaraderie with other women, and we know fitness and sports are a major channel.

We want to connect women who are interested in athletics make vital business connections and new relationships with other women state-wide who have the same interests. We hope connecting physically or recreationally will enhance business relationships and friendships pertinent to success just like men have done for years.

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We also want to put more women in the seats supporting female athletic teams. Title IX, which was part of the Higher Education Amendments in 1972, prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance including athletics and sports. Although there is more equality in the number of girls and boys sports teams in high school and college, there still aren't equal numbers of spectators or season holders supporting women's athletic events. We hope this new division can contribute to helping this cause.

Women TIES' Athletic Network is for women entrepreneurs who want to surround themselves with fitness, health and sports and also support female athletes or female sporting events.

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